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AstraLingua – a summary

Language services

AstraLingua lifts your text to another level to ensure comprehension in Danish in three core areas:

  • Translation from English to Danish, German to Danish, and French to Danish
  • Language editing of Danish texts and translations
  • Proofreading of Danish texts and translations

Know-how, curiosity and experience with language and people in both Denmark and abroad enable AstraLingua to produce a functional and coherent text from any source text, for example websites, teaching materials or complex texts such as technical manuals. AstraLingua conducts in-depth research and can draw on an extensive network of specialists, which enables us to fully appreciate the texts in their proper context, whether the subject matter is computer software, medical equipment, photographic equipment, agricultural machinery, tools, musical instruments, press releases, teaching materials etc.

AstraLingua knows from experience that it doesn’t pay to take an uncritical and superficial approach. AstraLingua bases its work on dialogue with the customer, and endeavours to experience for real the product we are writing about, just as we are happy to visit the company we are working for. A translation often follows product development or a product launch. Why not also insist on quality at the last stage of the process, when manuals or brochures need translating or editing?

Advanced professional translation tools such as Trados, and Transit XV/NXT help us to handle the most common file formats and to create term bases. We use Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional for editing and proofreading PDF files.

At AstraLingua, language has star status
AstraLingua was started in 2002 by Marianne Dahl, who has 24 years' experience of working with languages. She has a BA in English and French and has international experience from living in France and collaborating with customers worldwide. Moreover, she has taken supplementary courses in proofreading and linguistic correctness, and works with a team of professional translators whose expertise she draws on as and when required.


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